Our Physical Therapy Patients Share Their Journeys

We think you’ll be interested in hearing about their experiences!

Micky W 82, Dedham, MA

Shoulder Therapy

Matt B, Dedham, MA

Shoulder Therapy

Renee H

Elbow Therapy

Tom S, Dedham, MA

Ankle Therapy

Mike B

Neck & Back Therapy

Our Physical Therapy Patients Share Their Journeys

We think you’ll be interested in reading about their experiences!

When I first started at DHAC I was very nervous. I thought it would be so intimidating but quickly realized that I was wrong. The environment is extremely welcoming! I have seen significant changes in my physical health, and am beyond grateful for everyone at DHAC!

Bela M - Dedham, MA

My experience with all of the staff is beyond words. What a great group of natural born healers. To be able to walk again, for me, is a miracle. Thank you for helping me on this journey, keep doing all the good you do for folks. Much love and respect.

Anthony S - Boston, MA

I arrived at DHAC and every time I came in I was treated with the utmost respect. Margie and her team, Rachel, and the others took amazing care of me. I am doing well having been given the tools to continue my exercise program. I am so glad I found DHAC and would come back if needed.

Patricia E - Dedham, MA

It was very helpful as before I came I was unable to go a day without pain in my foot but within the first week I noticed a difference. The pain went down incredibly until it was no longer there. It was very helpful. Thank you so much.

Kyle M - Dedham, MA

I have been through two rounds of therapies for different issues: once downstairs for my shoulder, and before that for hips in the Spine Center. Both experiences were pleasant and effective. Everyone was friendly, and most importantly, very competent. Thank you!

Al G - Dedham, MA

The experience at DHPT has been wonderful and helpful in so many ways. The workout session have challenged my body in many ways. The program is perfect and a total body strength workout to rehab post-injury patients like myself.

Robert J - Boston, MA

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